East Meets West Yoga Center

Ann Vari

Ann began studying yoga in 2001 in an effort to find flexibility in an inflexible body.  She approached the spiritual parts of class with a certain skepticism, expecting to ignore whatever didn’t make sense.  Slowly, her hamstrings and shoulders became a bit more open, and to her surprise, she noticed a more open mind and heart.  She is especially grateful to her teachers for their guidance and also to the students who managed not to smirk when she led a class with her yoga pants on backwards. Ann completed her 200 hour teacher training at East Meets West Yoga Center in 2012. She enjoys teaching beginner and gentle classes because she likes to share the joy of finding unexpected openness in body, mind, and spirit. Honoring the teachers who came before her, Ann encourages students to find their own inner teacher and to enjoy the journey, wherever it leads.

"Smile, breathe and go slowly." ~Thich Nhat Hanh