East Meets West Yoga Center

Vanita Sharma

Yoga and Meditation have impacted Vanita’s life in a profound way, allowing her to focus and flow through life with happiness and connection.  Vanita believes that Yoga is a way of life. 

 She was exposed to the ancient Yoga Philosophy and traditions as a child but became more active in the practices of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation as an adult. After years of cycling and running, she was left looking for a deeper experience and found this through marrying the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Vanita takes her class through a journey, honoring one’s self, and establishing a connection of mind, body and spirit.  Through her classes she provides an opportunity that allows each individual to explore and find their own inner space and balance within their practice.  She shares stories of Yoga Philosophy during her classes, allowing students to experience the benefits of their asana practice via various creative sequences, while gaining an understanding of this ancient practice. 

Vanita loves spending time reading and studying ancient yoga texts, attending seminars and workshops with master yogis of Eastern and Western culture, and has a deep interest in Sanskrit and Yoga Philosophy.  Vanita is RYT-200 certified through Yoga Alliance.

She finds joy in being able to learn and share the knowledge of yoga and brings an east meets west approach to her classes.  Vanita shares space with all her students, allowing them to practice from a place of courage, and encouraging a connection of breath and body while having fun in their practice!

"Yoga is the giver of untold happiness." ~The Bhagavad Gita