East Meets West Yoga Center


Welcome to East Meets West Yoga Center.  We are located at 8230 Old Courthouse Road, Suite 400, Vienna, Virginia.  Our yoga center is open to provide a safe, tranquil, and supportive environment to practice, allowing individuals to open to the possibilities of what could be.

There are plenty of opportunities to start your yoga practice or enhance your existing practice at East Meets West Yoga with yoga classes seven days a week, weekend workshops, and other special events.  We are a community dedicated to grow together.

Is Yoga for You?

Yoga and Meditation can help you:

What type of class is best for me?
 If you have no prior yoga experience, begin your practice with Gentle Yoga, Beginner Hatha, or Vinyasa Basics.    The postures, techniques and transitions are described in greater detail helping you to develop a strong and safe foundation for your practice.
Inform your teacher
Before class begins please inform the teacher of any injuries or conditions so they can provide appropriate variations or modifications.
What should I bring?
We supply mats and props for your yoga practice.   All the props are found inside each studio space.   We have water in all rooms.
What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable and not too loose fitting; clothes you can breathe and move in.   Nothing binding at the waist.
Can I be late?
We kindly ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class and check in with the front desk.  If you’re late we cannot guarantee you a space and please note there is NO admittance 5 minutes after a class has started.


Studio Etiquette & Guidelines