East Meets West Yoga Center

Internship Program


The studio owner, internship coordinator, and mentors are committed to developing skilled yoga professional who can consistently and effectively deliver the East Meets West Yoga  product of exceptional classes and customer service. We provide clear expectation, constructive feedback, and an opportunity for you to grow professionally as a competent yoga teacher. In exchange for this commitment on our part, we expect a full commitment on the part of every intern.


1. RYT-200 certification OR current registration in an 200-hour teacher training program
2. Current CPR certification
3. Professional liability insurance

Your Commitment: 4 Steps to Successful Internship at East Meets West Yoga

Interns who meet all of the requirements and have successfully interviewed and/or auditioned with EMW studio owner will be offered the opportunity to intern at the studio for a period of six (6)  months.  The intern is required to:

1. Assist one regular per week in the studio. You will be assigned to a mentor (a current senior teacher at EMW).  This mentor will expect your assistance in class each week and will guide you accordingly.  Your role is to:

a. Arrive 15 min before class and check in with the teacher.
b. Prep anything that the teacher needs for class while the teacher is getting to know participants. Make sure everyone is set up properly and has the correct props/an assisting card. (Try to be with the teacher while he/she introduces him/herself to participants and asks about special considerations as much as possible.)
c. Provide physical assists/adjustments in every class for the entirety of the class on a rotation deemed appropriate by the teacher.

2. Work two hours per week at the studio.  There are multiple shift options and duties to be performed. All interns are required to fulfill this obligation during their internship period.
3. Teach 1 community class per month. Community class is currently offered on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:00 am.   Interns will be assigned a date in advance to teach this class.   Interns are encouraged to teach more than one time per month whenever available/possible.   This is an invaluable are rare opportunity to improve you teaching skills in a studio setting with “real” class participants.
4. Attend class at EMW 1 time per week (or, simply, 4 times per month.)


1. Opportunity to entrench in a yoga community as a full team member.

2. Opportunity to be mentored and guided strategically to become a successful yoga professional.

3. Opportunity to become gainfully employed as a yoga teacher in a yoga studio upon completion of the internship.  This is, of course, dependent on the internship performance, professionalism, interview, and audition at the end of the internship.

4. Unlimited, free yoga classes at EMW (valued at $125.00 per month).

5. 10% boutique discount

6. 10% workshop/event discount

7. In some circumstances, talented and committed interns will be given the opportunity to substitute classes and/or fully teach on the EMW schedule prior to the end of the internship. This is an exciting opportunity,  but does not relieve you of your obligations of completing the six-month internship requirements.

Interested in becoming part of our team? Please contact Dawn Curtis, Owner, for an application to this program, and to set up a one-on-one interview.    You can contact the studio directly at 703-356-9642, or email contact: dawn@eastmeetswestcenter.com


Missing Classes and/or Obligations

Interns may be excused for a maximum of one class assist per month, in cases of necessity/emergency. You are required to alert internship coordinator in advance. Every effort should be made to get another intern to sub. You must make up your missed class by arranging to sub a different class at EMW that month. (This need not be with a designated Mentor, as that may not be possible, and should be arranged with the Internship Coordinator.)

Interns are depended on for their required weekly 2 hours working at the studio. If a shift must be missed, you are to find a sub and work directly with the studio manager to ensure coverage.

With the flexibility of teaching only 1 community class per month/attendance at 4 yoga classes per month, it is expected that these obligations are fulfilled without issue. Should you fall ill on a day you are scheduled to teach a community class, you must you EMW’s subbing procedures to ensure class coverage.


Interns will meet with the mentorship coordinator every 6-8 weeks to discuss their progress and ask any questions or address concerns they may have (though they are welcome and encouraged to approach their mentor or internship coordinator with questions/concerns whenever they arise). Interns should contact the coordinator to do so. Mentors have an ongoing relationship with their intern, providing weekly contact/feedback designed to help interns grow as instructor. Staff members take community classes with frequency, providing valuable feedback regarding an intern’s growth as an instructor. Mentors are encouraged to speak freely with studio owner (as needed), managers, and the internship coordinator regarding progress and growth. It is a team effort at EMW to support you, and in return, we expect the highest delivery from our interns.

Additional Documents

EMW requests that all interns keep us abreast of their other outside teaching obligations. Please fill out and update, as needed, the Class Schedule Request Form. All interns will be required to fill out a Key Release Form upon receipt of a studio key.


This is a six-month internship program. Please recall that if, at any time, an intern is offered the opportunity to sub or teach a full class during the internship period, they are required to fulfill internship responsibilities.

At the six-month mark, interns will be evaluated for and interview and (re) audition. This is a final audition process at which time a decision is made whether the intern will fully join the EMW staff. If an intern is still completing an RYT program, dates will be adjusted accordingly per the individual’s needs (this may mean an internship runs longer than six-months).