East Meets West Yoga Center

Sat Randhir Singh

Sat Randhir Singh is a massage therapist, writer, musician, and a teacher of kundalini yoga and meditation.

After having a life-changing first spiritual experience in 2010 while studying cultural anthropology at the University of Miami, Sat Randhir began a deep process of personal transformation by studying and working with the sacred plant medicines of Peru during a semester abroad in 2013. Sat Randhir had practiced many different types of yoga before kundalini blew all of his prior experiences out of the water, compelling him to commit to a daily early morning practice and eventually become a teacher. A Northern Virginian by birth, he is eager to connect with and uplift the yoga community in the area via his dynamic and powerful kundalini classes and healing bodywork therapy.

You can connect with him on Instagram and Facebook @SatRandhir.

"Rule your mind or it will rule you." ~Horace