East Meets West Yoga Center

Ha Nguyen

Yoga has transformed who I am into a more authentic and powerful person. I now embrace the challenges of life and am more willing and open. I also look forward to seeing possibilities open up when I stay the course. I teach to share this gift that I received through yoga. I find that by sharing my own personal trials and errors in my journey, others can reflect and see that we are all mirrors of each other. I started my teacher training in February 2010 in Hawaii with Level One Bootcamp with Baron Bapiste.  I started teaching part-time in March 2010 at a Bapiste Affliated studio in Falls Church, VA.  I received my RYT 200 certification in April of 2011.  I rounded out my year by going to Level Two Bootcamp in Austin, TX in September and became a full-time yoga instructor in October. In my classes, I like to have fun with my students but also give them a challenging and inspiring experience.  We are all on our own personal journey and when we are able to share the time together, I would like to make it memorable.  I enjoy meeting my students before and after class as we get to know each other.  I love to hear their journeys and what bought them to yoga.  This has become my passion and I am happy to say that it has been an interesting and uplifting yogic path for me.