East Meets West Yoga Center

Michelle Nguyen

Michelle came to yoga as a way to reintroduce exercise back into her life after suffering a concussion in early 2013.  Simple, everyday movements like moving your head side to side became such a challenge.  With the help of yoga and physical therapy, Michelle was able to get her strength and most importantly, equilibrium back into her life.  What she didn’t expect to find was the connection of breath with the body, the focus, and stillness of the mind even off the yoga mat.  And she’s been hooked ever since!    

Michelle is registered through Yoga Alliance and received her Power Vinyasa Yoga certification at 405 Yoga in early 2017.  Under the guidance of David Kyle and Patrick McCleaf, she also obtained 100 hours in Rocket Vinyasa and is certified to teach The Rocket through Progressive Ashtanga.  You can expect Michelle to incorporate challenging poses into her fun, vinyasa flows while still honoring the body’s limits.  Off mat, she enjoys traveling around the world with her husband, hiking with their adorable pups, flipping houses on the side, and fishing at local ponds.

"We do the practice to love ourselves so we can learn to love others more." ~Larry Schultz, creator of The Rocket