East Meets West Yoga Center

Mary McIntyre

Mary began taking yoga classes over ten years ago, drawn to the practice by the physical, emotional, and spiritual balance it offered in an increasingly demanding world. In the interim, with career and child rearing in the foreground, Mary found that her yoga practice was too often in the background; however, her exposure to several influential teachers helped her to renew her practice and reinvigorate her quest to find her philosophical foundation.  Establishing her yoga home at East Meets West allowed her to actualize this challenge.  Mary graduated from the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at East Meets West, and she thanks teachers Dawn Curtis and Ladan Judge for helping to make her dreams a reality.

Prior to embarking on her yoga career, Mary was a marketing director and consultant, with concentrations in sports and event management.  She also enjoyed teaching aerobics and fitness classes for many years in both the club and corporate environments.  Mary continues to be actively involved with several community organizations and philanthropies, and is especially involved as a long-time volunteer with Food for Others.

Throughout her teaching career, Mary has always treasured the inspiration and energy she receives from her students.  She is grateful to now have the opportunity to share with them the light of yoga, and looks forward to continuing her own journey of learning the many layers in the union of body, mind, breath, and spirit.

"To focus on gratitude and not on what you perceive to have lost is ultimately your choice, and is perhaps the most important choice for your happiness and the happiness of those around you." ~Max Strom