East Meets West Yoga Center

Judy Schnoebelen

Judy completed her 200 hour YTT in 2016 with the Fluid Yoga school. She has been a teacher of sorts for over 30 years in her other career as a Speech Pathologist and has been blessed to have the opportunity to expand her love of teaching to the mat. Judy teaches primarily vinyasa but is also certified to teach Hatha, SPA (a multisensory slow flow), and yoga sculpt. Judy originally came to the yoga practice about 10 years ago to give herself a break from the gym. Eventually the physical and mental benefits of yoga won her over and she found herself spending more time in the yoga studio and less time in the fitness studio. Judy has suffered from years of lower and cervical back pain and has found that regular practice allows her to gradually stretch the muscles in her shoulders, hips, and hamstrings, reducing the stress on her spine. She also believes that there is nothing like a regular yoga practice to retrain the brain towards mindfulness, compassion, and selflessness. Judy hopes to share with her students how yoga helps to reign in the “monkey” brain and inspire them to find release from the suffering of persistent negative thought.

Judy teaches to share the knowledge that meditation can occur both through connection to stillness and breath and through movement of the body paired with the breath. She hopes that through practicing yoga, her students will cultivate sustained focus, mindfulness, and a feeling of being fully present in the moment, an often elusive state of mind when stress invades life. Many yogi mentors and friends have taught Judy through their own unique talents and techniques that there is no one way to teach or practice, that learning the “dance” of asana is a journey that never ends, and that every opportunity to share a practice with students is a gift.

Judy lives with her husband of 30+ years, Kirk, and her dog Hunter, a black goldendoodle whose downdog is often better aligned than hers! She has two adult sons, Kyle and Sam.