East Meets West Yoga Center

Gigi Jones

I was drawn to the mat when I was in graduate school, looking for a reprieve from my studies and writing block. I heard from others of the benefits of yoga, but had no idea what relax and centered felt like until my first class. Prior to my first class, I was living a life of go, go, go and thought that was the norm. Life seems a little less hectic now, but my journey continues to seek a feeling of steadiness and ease, particularly when life throws its challenges.

In 2010, I first started teaching a mind and body class, Body Flow, at fitness clubs. Wanting to deepen my practice and knowledge, I enrolled in a 200 hour RYT program through Beloved Yoga studio in Reston. After graduating in 2013, I would say that my teaching has evolved into a more adaptive and patient approach. Generally speaking, students come to the mat at different points in their lives, for a variety reasons, and with diverse atomically body structures. I like to provide options and share a practice that broadens perspectives. There is no right way of doing yoga just like there is no right or wrong answer. As a teacher, my hope for all yoginis and yogis is to cultivate their teacher within, to take time to settle in and observe, and to find their own peaceful and calming practice on and off the mat.