East Meets West Yoga Center

Carolina Mejia Doherty

Carolina started off as a yoga skeptic that was just looking for a good workout. However, after finding a teacher that made classes both physically challenging and weaving yoga philosophy in a relatable way, she realized that yoga is more than asanas or movements. Since then, she has learned that yoga provides a framework and tools for the integration of body, mind, and energy with the world around us.

Her practice of yoga is also intrinsically linked to pregnancy and parenthood. In the midst of completing her yoga certification, she also gave birth to her first child. The transformative experience of pregnancy and parenthood taught her (and continually reminds her) that all we can really expect to control in life is our reaction to it.

That is why she took up studying prenatal yoga. Carolina is excited to share a practice to help mamas-to-be find tools to them find ease and strength and joy in their daily lives, whether that means strength for coping with physical discomfort, breath to ease an anxious mind, or a sense of awe and humor to deal with the magnificent, weird, and sometimes gross things that await a future parent.

Carolina is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200) and is trained in prenatal yoga, both through Beloved Yoga Studio in Reston. She also earned a BA from the University of Pennsylvania in International Relations and works as a Management and Economic Consultant. She enjoys world travel and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. In her previous life, she has also been a competitive swimmer, played water polo, and completed several triathlons, including a half-iron man. She lives in Vienna with her handsome partner, their curious toddler, and their professional snuggler of a dog.

Carolina Mejia Doherty