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Alba Nagurney

Alba Nagurney is a certified Barre, Pilates, Vinyasa, and Bikram yoga instructor with a medical background to share with her teaching as well as for her own personal yoga practice. Alba began her yoga journey as a way to cope with and heal from the pains caused by an old spinal injury that she suffered in her early childhood.  After first discovering yoga and being an eye witness to its numerous amounts of natural healing benefits, she decided that she wanted to share these healing gifts of yoga with others so that they too could begin to alleviate their own pain while increasing their flexibility and energy and enhancing their overall health.  Alba went on to train as hot yoga teacher taking 200 hours of hot yoga teacher training and becoming a certified yoga instructor. Since then, she has studied various other yoga and fitness specific styles and obtained certifications in each, enabling herself to further help and heal the world around her.

Alba Nagurney’s path to yoga began as an urgent need to alleviate pain caused by a ten-year-old spinal cord injury. Finding yoga, she knew early on, was a very personal and individual journey, with no two alike. She came to yoga with an immediate need to ease extreme pain. She recalls having no flexibility and strength, during her early yoga days. Hot yoga was a salve for the pain she suffered, and she felt her injury healing and her function improving day by day.

Knowing first-hand the benefits of yoga, Alba wanted to begin a new journey to help others strive for positive inner and outer health. She studied 200 hours of hot yoga teacher training with Evolaton Yoga. Continuing her journey at the service of others, she studied 500 hours of Vinyasa teacher training with Fluid Yoga. Alba has been teaching in yoga studios in the greater Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Her classes are well attended and yoga practitioners report finding her classes valuable to their own, personal journey. Alba is certified as an instructor in Barre, Pilates, Vinyasa, and Bikram (hot yoga).

Alba brings a medical background to her yoga practice and teaching, having studied x years of medicine in her native El Salvador. She obtained a Master’s in Public Health from Heber University, and completed a one-year externship in psychiatry and Psycosomatic disease at Medstar Washington Medical Center, Washington, D.C.