East Meets West Yoga Center

Private Lessons

For new students beginning the practice of yoga and those seeking more individualized instruction, we offer packages for one-on-one classes where the teacher will provide alignment, posture and important modifications specific to the student. Please contact the studio to arrange for your private appointment.

Private instruction fees:

$75.00 – $120.00 per hour
(rates depend on yoga teacher/yoga therapist)

NEW Student Intro Special:

One Hour Private yoga sessions $195.00
(with Dawn Curtis, ERYT-500)

Yoga Therapy: Adaptive Yoga for Disabilities

Our adaptive yoga private sessions are modeled on Matthew Sanford’s Mind Body Solutions approach for individuals living with a wide array of trauma, loss and disability.

Students who do and do not use wheelchairs are welcome and caregivers are encouraged to attend each session.

Sessions are adapted by teaching the experience created through each yoga pose, revealing a mind-body sensation not affected by disability. The benefits of this approach to adaptive yoga include:

Session fees are on a sliding scale. Please contact the studio for further details and scheduling. Phone: 703-356-9642 or via email:

Private Children’s Yoga Therapy for Special Needs

There is an increasing body of research that demonstrates the benefits of yoga are particularly helpful for children with special needs. Breathing exercises and quiet relaxation techniques have been scientifically proven to have positive effects on the gross, fine, and visual motor conditions of children as well as building confidence and calming body and mind.

Benefits of the program include:

Through breathing exercises, singing, yoga poses, deep relaxation and other yoga practices, children of all ages will discover that yoga provides them with a safe and supportive environment where they can develop at their own pace and be accepted for all the gifts that they do have! Special classes for your child will start with an initial parent consultation and child evaluation.


Initial consultation and evaluation is $110; Fees for subsequent Private Sessions are $75 for /45 minutes, $50 for 30 minutes