East Meets West Yoga Center


Saturday, June 4 starting at 4:00 pm

ŪRAJĀ -- Music + Yoga

What is ŪRAJĀ? A unique method of combining the energy of multiple hearts and minds. Through collective breath-work, atmospheric music & sound, and yoga-based movement, together we will embark on a journey of the senses.

What can I expect? No two ŪRAJĀ experiences are identical.
This practice is level 1/2. We’ll take the time to warm up our bodies and activate our Ocean Breath, then move through a series of Slow Flow standing postures, balance elements, and floor poses, as we energize our minds and elevate our spirits through breath, movement and music.

Who are Kimberly Cregan and Blake Althen? Yogini Kimberly embraces a Slow Flow Vinyasa style practice, strongly influenced by Max Strom’s Inner Axis method. The breath is always the focus of her practice, with the intermixture of postures conceived to produce a heightened sense of awareness of the energy that surrounds us and moves through us.
Blake is a true sonic architect. In ŪRAJĀ he blends the elegant beauty of modern sound design with earth tones of primal percussion. This combines and balances the cerebral with the primal.

Details & Registration
Sunday, June 5 2:00 - 5:00 pm

Mindfulness for Daily Living with Bennett Crawford

Mindfulness has become very trendy these days because it is known to have many benefits for our overall health and well-being. Many studies indicate how mindfulness can reduce stress and improve our overall wellness. In this workshop, you will to not only learn tools on how to reduce stress and improve wellness but you will also learn to develop a deeper trust and wisdom within and take mindful awareness “off the cushion” into your daily life. In this workshop, you will learn insights, tools and practices to become more present in life and discover its true value when you engage in “interpersonal” mindfulness or mindful mutuality with others. Mindfulness is not just a solo activity we engage in once in the morning and once at night; it’s a way of being in the world from a deeper place of trust, wisdom and compassion thus transforming the very way we engage with each other on a daily basis.

Details & Registration
Sunday, June 5 2:00 - 4:30 pm

Mandala Workshop: Creating New Beginnings!

Mandalas, a Sanskrit word meaning circle or “containers of essence,” can be used as a tool for managing stress and are symbols of oneness, completeness, divine perfection. Creating mandalas are a reflection and exploration of our psyche a visual representation of our life’s experience. Creating mandala’s is a means to reduce stress and become more balanced, and relaxed in our lives. This meditative tool guides us to release past karma and liberates us allowing new beginnings to naturally unfold. Drawing mandalas can teach us to surrender thus feeling more interconnected, energized, clear, and joyful. Ultimately more free. For ourselves and all the world.

This workshop is for everyone no art experience required. Art materials will be provided but you can bring your own watercolors, colored pencils, crayons or pastels if you would like. We will begin with a mindful movement and a guided meditation before we create.

Details & Registration
Saturday, June 11 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Learn to Breathe with Sean Callahan

Learn to Breathe is an invigorating, penetrating, and healing practice that will assist you on a daily basis. Principles taught in this class have been created by internationally renowned Inner Axis teacher, Max Strom. You will learn his integrated breathing exercises and gentle movement, the effect of these can lead to profound inner calm, enhanced energy, and mental clarity. Other benefits may include an increased ability to give up addictions, such as smoking.

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