East Meets West Yoga Center


Friday, September 5 and Sunday, Sept. 7

The Five Vajras of Tibetan Yoga with Lama Norbu

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Tibetan yoga is an ancient and powerful purification practice which takes one beyond limitations and beliefs, helping to break through perceived barriers with deep love and compassion. Employing yantra, mudra, and mantra, you will be guided to balance the five elements of your body – fire, earth, water, wind, and space. Through love, this practice transforms imbalance into balance and perfection, opening the practitioner to the experience of ultimate Oneness with the Universe. The mystical practice of Tibetan Yoga is known to awaken intrinsic abilities of the human body as those exhibited by the Tibetan Buddhist monks meditating for hours in the snow wearing nothing but thin robes. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Sunday, September 28

Eat Breathe Thrive with Chelsea Roff

In this workshop, you will learn how to integrate yoga, community and service to help your or your clients overcome disordered eating and negative body image.

As estimated 24 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, and millions more simply hate their bodies. Many of us come to yoga and meditation hoping to change or fix our “issues” only to find that no matter how many down-dogs we do…..we\’re still dissatisfied with the image in the mirror.

Designed for yoga teachers, mental health practitioners and eating disorder sufferers alike, this workshop will teach you a formula that\’s helped hundreds of people completely recover from food and body image challenges. You will learn practical, yoga-based techniques for tracking hunger and fullness signals, exercises, practices for coping with difficult emotions and overall how to create a sense of “home” in your own skin.

Workshop includes group discussion, interactive exercises, light asana and meditation.

Fee: $65.00 preregistered by September 21; $85.00 at the door

Sunday, October 5

Felix Lopez Returns: Finding Fulfillment

October 5 Session:
Self-Embrance – Learning to Embrace our Whole Self

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

In this fourth session we will learn how to embrace our whole self. Join us to explore how we can integrate all parts of our self into a harmonious relationship to be the best “you” you can be in all areas of your life.

Suggested Donation for each workshop: $40.00

Sunday, October 5

Mindful Leadership with Mark Thurston

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In this workshop you will explore the way in which mindfulness – as a way of being in the world – can profoundly impact your capacity to be an effective leader. (And, we are all leaders, whether or not we hold a particular title within an organization.) You will examine and personally assess some of the qualities of leadership that have been shown to expand with mindfulness practice – for example, emotional intelligence, resilience, hope, problem-solving, attentiveness, and creativity. And you will have the chance to consider some of the newer leadership models that are particularly compatible with mindfulness: Transformational Leadership, Servant Leadership, and Resonant Leadership. And finally, you will have the opportunity to consider an approach to leadership that is especially relevant to yogic practice and philosophy: Self-Leadership – that is, the application of leadership methods to your own “internal organization.”

Thursday, October 16

Study with a Modern Day Master: Pandit Rajmani Tigunait

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The Yoga Sutra is the source wisdom of all yoga traditions. It holds the key to unlocking the mystery and power of yoga, and finding ultimate fulfillment and freedom. And Pandit Tigunait is a Master par excellence, for he embodies the profound insight and experiences of the Masters of a thousand-year-old lineage.

In this inspiring lecture and workshop, grounded in time-tested wisdom, you’ll discover the promise hidden in the Yoga Sutra, and gather the tools and means to experience the missing element of your practice. It will be like the Himalayas coming right to your doorstep.

The Yoga Sutra, the 2,200 year old scripture written by the Tradition’s Sage Patanjali as the prominent instruction in complete yoga practice, is a core scripture of the yoga Tradition. Using it as a guide, we can unlock the hidden power of yoga, and experience the promise of yoga in our life.