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Saturday, October 22 through Tuesday, October 25

Energy Medicine Yoga Teacher Training with Lauren Walker

East Meets West Yoga welcomes Lauren Walker, the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga to teach us how to offer something special to our students. Come share in 4 days of practicing and learning this beautiful union of energy and yoga. We are all in for a treat!

This 30 hour course will cover the basic elements of EMYoga and leave you with the skills to teach the basic theories and elements.

Pre-reqs: 200 hour yoga teacher training or equivalent. If you are not a teacher, but have a long time practice and would like to take this class as in immersion, please contact us directly (and we will pass it along to Lauren) for permission. You will receive a level 1 EMY certificate upon completion and acceptance of written exam and submitted teaching video.

What is Energy Medicine Yoga?

EMYoga is a synthesis of yoga and Energy Medicine. The power of this style of yoga is that it greatly increases the benefits of a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. Incorporating simple techniques into an existing practice, or doing these simple techniques on their own, helps to balance the nine energy systems of the body. When in balance, these energy systems help to keep you strong, vital, healthy and focused. They work on your immune system, endocrine system and lymphatic systems especially. Additionally we work with focus on breath for releasing pain and stuck energy as well as learning techniques to change your habit fields, helping to foster the ability to implement new, positive habits for overall health and well being. The goal of EMYoga is to balance the body. A strong yoga practice, woven through with the 9 energy systems, speaks to the body in its own language. These techniques are easy to learn and master and they empower your current yoga practice while awakening dormant energies and helping the body to heal and thrive. You’ll learn ancient lost techniques and new powerful tools to boost the power of your practice.

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November 4 - 6

Yoga Therapy for Stress Management with Staffan Elgelid, PhD and Erin Byron, MA

Based on the their new book, Yoga Therapy for Stress & Anxiety, Staffan Elgelid, PhD and Erin Byron, MA, bring you a weekend yoga therapy intensive packed with practical tools and scientific foundations to inspire permanent change in life.

Learn to leverage stress and use it as a means for creating an empowered, joyful life. This immersive experience gives you the tools to transform your own stress and anxiety, as well as practical techniques for yoga and wellness professionals to share with students and clients.

Stress affects every level of your being. Replace anxiety with specific practices that nourish your body, energy, emotions, mind, and spirit. Featuring segments on Work Stress, Neuroplasticity, Relationship Stress, Nervous System and Learning, Mind-Body Health, Mindfulness, Somatic Exploration, and Personal Psychology, the diversity of topics gives you a variety of opportunities to find a path of peace. The immersive experience of the weekend yoga therapy intensive offers you time and space to explore the roots of your stress and is fertile ground for epiphany.

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Sunday, November 13

Opening The Body with Max Strom

Max Strom\’s method, Inner Axis, focuses on how breath-initiated movement ignites vitality and restores restful sleep. It can also be a catalyst for an emotional log-jam being swept away, allowing desperately needed change to occur within you. This movement workshop begins very gently and then builds momentum. At the apex we move directly into a special sequence of postures that opens the internal body and can spark the renewal of happiness in our lives. This induces an emotional sense of release, brings the mind into stillness, and the body into a new state of energy. This class is both challenging and very healing. Bring your mat.

Sunday, November 13
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Fee: $40.00 preregistered; $50.00 at the door

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Sunday, November 13

Some Doors Open Only From the Inside with Max Strom

Some Doors Open Only From the Inside: 2-hours all levels

The voice of our intuition and wisdom is commonly drowned out by the noise in our mind. This noise is often caused by chaotic or congested emotions from by stress, depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Focused breath patterns can spark within us the reawakening of our higher nature, the voice of intuition, wisdom, and conscience. The practices you will learn in this workshop will take you to new depths and inspire you for weeks to come. Max has taken this work around the world to people of many faiths and nationalities. Bring your mat and writing materials. (Please no recording equipment)

Sunday, November 13
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Fee: $40.00 preregistered; $50.00 at the door

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Module 1: August 19 - September 2, 2017 Module 2: October 22 - November 5, 2017

Max Strom Inner Axis 200 Hour Teacher Training

Max Strom’s 200 Hour Teacher Training & Empowerment Course:
Applications Now Being Accepted

This 200 Hour training consists of two 15 day segments and both segments will have one day off in the middle. The training will be taught by Max Strom (20 days) and with Jamie Elmer teaching the Applied Anatomy portion of the training (7days). The course will include some homework, including required reading and some exercises.

The capacity for personal transformation is present in each of us, yet is often hidden beneath the surface, neglected by the demands and routine of our daily life. Max Strom’s Inner Axis training will teach you how to guide ordinary people through the experience of extraordinary transformation. It is designed to prepare you to teach people from all walks of life and levels of fitness, whether or not your student has a stiff body or a rigid schedule. If you’re in a leadership position, or have the aim to become a teacher, or simply have the desire to enrich your knowledge and practice of Max Strom’s method, you will find this course inspiring and indispensable to your journey.

Module One:
dates and time August 19 – September 2, 2017
11:30 am – 8:00 pm (includes 1.5 hour break for meal)

Module Two:
dates and time: October 22 – November 5, 2017
11:30 am – 8:00 pm (includes 1.5 hour break for meal)

More information about the training can be found under Teacher Training

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