East Meets West Yoga Center


Friday evening, April 17 through Sunday, April 19

Cultivating Your Spirituality: Engaging Mindfulness, Dream-Intuition & Intentionality

Presented by Mary Elizabeth Lynch & Mark Thurston

April 17, 2015 (6:00 – 9:00 pm)
April 18 and 19, 2015 (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)

This two-and-half-day workshop is a deep, personal exploration of methods of renewal, inspiration, and insight. In a highly experiential learning format, you will experience practical ways to “cultivate” the growth of your personal spirituality. Our three primary tools will be:

The expansion of your capacities for meditation and mindfulness. We will examine and practice half-a-dozen different, yet complementary, ways to nourish and support your spiritual development.
The study of your dreams and how they provide intuitive insights about daily challenges and opportunities. We will explore both analytical and creative ways to uncover the intuitive wisdom of your dream life – sources of practical insight that come to you every night.
The clarification and deepening of personal commitments to core values, ideals, and life-intentions. You will have the opportunity not only to see more deeply the essence of your personal spirituality, but also to rededicate yourself to those intentions.

This program is designed to help you: reconnect and feel more grounded in that which is the best in you, experience inspiration about the trajectory of your life, and receive some immediately-applicable insight and understanding of how to meet current life-challenges with the best that your own spirituality has to offer.

Saturday, May 16; Doors Open at 6:00 pm; Concert at 6:30 pm

Awakening Through Music: Sacred Mantras Concert with International Mantra Musicians Daniel Bellone and Angela Blueskies

Register Under Workshops: Tickets available online for $25 advance/$30 at the door

Internationally acclaimed sacred musician Daniel Bellone, originally from Argentina, is raising vibrations around the globe as he shares his soulful music in a sold-out world tour! Through ancient mantras, he takes us into the most sublime sacred healing realms, and with this powerful music, we experience a shift in consciousness, and access the power to rewire our perceptions and purify emotions, to reach into our souls and reconnect to our true Divine nature of profound Oneness. danielbellone.com

Since the release of her album Songs of Spirit, Angela Blueskies has travelled far and wide sharing sacred songs and mantras, and holding the space for profound heart opening and joy that comes through singing together in community. Her music calls the presence of the Divine Feminine, and brings together traditions of mantra music and healing medicine songs with her own lush and celestial melodies. She currently divides her time between Harpers Ferry, WV and The Sacred Valley of Peru. angelablueskies.com

Sunday, May 17 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Discover True Fulfillment: Awakening Workshop with Daniel Bellone

Register Under Workshops: $58.00 Preregistered; $68.00 at the Door

Daniel Bellone, an extraordinary singer, songwriter and Oneness teacher from Argentina, is back this year for another magical weekend!

Daniel is quickly becoming an international phenomenon. He is singing to sold out audiences in Europe, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and China. His life of awakening is now being turned into a documentary. His events are celebrated for their sense of joyous celebration and for the tangible presence of the Divine that participants experience.

This full day experiential workshop is designed at its core to give you clarity and understanding about certain principles of life that will open up new ways of perceiving what “being happy” really means.

Daniel shares techniques to help you move into better balance in your life, where you discover the natural flow of Joy and Happiness. Through powerful ancient processes, teachings and meditation, Daniel leads us to open up to new levels of consciousness and obtain auspicious perceptions that lead to actions – thereby creating a new destiny, and the path to Fulfillment.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and bag lunch. There will be limited chairs, so prepare to sit on the floor yoga-style. You may bring pillows/blankets for comfort.

May 29 - May 31

PhysioStride Teacher Training with Jamie Elmer

Take your teaching to the next level, join us for PhysioSTRIDE™ Level 1 Training with Jamie Elmer

PhysioSTRIDE™ is a system of analyzing and improving gait, posture and breath to help alleviate pain, heal injuries, build strength and improve balance.

How we move in our every day lives determines our muscular and joint health. Each time we walk, sit, stand or exercise makes us stronger or weaker, and more or less balanced.

The PhysioSTRIDE™ system of analyzing how we walk, stand and sit has numerous physical benefits from healing plantar fasciitis and back pain, to helping prevent falls in older adults. Individuals with chronic pain and mobility issues including scoliosis, knock knee, orthopedic surgeries of all kinds, osteoporosis, arthritis and more, have benefited from the results of PhysioSTRIDE™.

In the PhysioSTRIDE™, Level 1 training, you’ll enhance your teaching, and learn how to give your student’s more of what they need as individuals. You’ll learn how to:

– Asses a student both in a static evaluation and in motion, from the ground up, to improve posture, alignment and function of the body

– You’ll learn how to use this analysis as a diagnostic tool to help your student’s become more aware of their physical habits.

– You’ll also learn specific exercises, movement techniques and tools to help your student’s to become better balanced in their body, to relieve pain and help heal injuries.