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Sunday, March 17

Reiki Restorative: New Moon in Pisces

Reiki Restorative: New Moon in Pisces

Saturday, March 17 1:30–4:30pm

$40.00 preregistered; $45.00 at the door

The eclipses of January and February have helped to shake loose the things in our lives that we no longer need, though they may be hard to part with. This month’s Reiki Restorative will start in a Sacred Circle to reflect with one another about what isn’t working for us, no matter how badly we want it to, in order for us to willingly let go of what doesn’t feel right. It may feel hard—or even near impossible—but the lesson we are being asked to learn is to not settle for fear of never having another opportunity to receive what we want or what we know we deserve. When we can walk away confident that what we once thought or hoped was the answer to the question we’ve been in search of answering, we let the universe know that we are not interested in settling and that we know our worth.

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Saturday, April 7

Yin Yoga & Forgiveness with Yael Flusburg

We know that endlessly reliving our hurts and wounds makes us feel helpless while forgiving returns agency firmly within ourselves. Yet try as we might to see the light in others, or acknowledge that their words or actions reflected something broken in them — rather than a true statement of our innate goodness — the pain remains. In this workshop, we’ll hold long yin poses while leaning into the walls we’ve built to protect ourselves from feeling the uncomfortable. As we release physical knots, we’ll explore gently opening up the heart to begin the process of forgiving others and self. Dress comfortably, and bring a notebook and your favorite pen.

Saturday, April 7
1:30 – 3:30 pm
$30.00 preregistered; $35.00 at the door

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Saturday, April 14

Awakening Our Womb Wisdom with Mare Cromwell

All women hold a powerful wise-woman center within their wombspaces. But it lies dormant in most of us. Most of us have no concept of how powerful this center is. Come join in dance, discussion, art, visualizations, meditation and more to help you awaken your sacred center so you may more fully step into your creative power and true voice. Our wombs are far more than an organ for birthing babies.

The Divine Feminine is surging forward in so many ways globally. Join us to bring new awareness and healing focus to activate your Womb Wisdom and Divine Feminine Self once again!

You will want to join this workshop if you:
• have health issues in your wombspace region,
• have been sexually assaulted,
• grew up in the Western Culture, and/or,
• were born feminine or are someone who identifies as a woman.

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Starts April 22, 2018

Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method Series

Series begins April 22 through May 27, 2018. More information found under Workshops.