East Meets West Yoga Center


Friday, April 29 - Sunday, May 1

Y12SR Leadership Training: Trauma Informed Yoga

This Leadership training program presents a framework for addictive recovery that includes the cognitive approach of the 12-Step Program, the trauma healing approach of Somatic Experiencing, and the body-based approaches offered by Yoga and mindfulness practices. This training is designed for yoga teachers wanting to work with the recovery population. It is also found to be extremely relevant and helpful for therapists, counselors, social workers, probation officers and others with a desire to understand how the ancient philosophies and practices of yoga align with the 12-step program of recovery.

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Saturday, May 7

Managing Menopause Through Ayurveda

“Menopause Happens”. It’s a natural process in a woman’s life, it’s not a disease. Although menopause is one of the important physical milestones in a woman\’s life, many women lack complete information about what is happening in their body, how to keep their normal life and what should they do to manage this phase? Ayurveda believes that with a proper diet, simple lifestyle changes, herbs and proper exercise most of the unpleasant side effects of menopause can be minimized to a great extent and with this knowledge you can step forward with grace and embrace it!

This session is recommended for any woman over the age of 35 years. We’ll discuss how women starts experiencing hormonal changes from the age of 35 and if our hormones are balanced, it is possible to go from age 35 to 55 without any discomfort.

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Saturday, May 14

CEREMONY: A Sacred Concert with Cacao

East Meets West Yoga and The Tribe of Beltway Shamans invite you to a very special event, inspired by the questions above, bringing together powerful elements of Ceremony used by Indigenous peoples the world over to help the people find their way back to the heart, back to joy, back to wholeness. Throughout the world, shamanic traditions have brought together Medicine Songs and Healing Plants into profound rituals designed to initiate deep healing and transformation. From the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, to the highlands of the Himalayas, to the ancestral lands of the Inka and Mayan Civilizations of the Americas, and beyond, Medicine Songs and Healing Plants are emerging into urban and suburban cultures across the world in order to reconnect people to community, authenticity, and Mother Earth. It is this emergence that has inspired CEREMONY ~ a sacred concert.

Your guides for the evening are musicians and ceremonialists who are deeply committed to bringing healing shamanic traditions to the western world, and catalyzing awakening through deep connection to these ancient traditions. Angela Blueskies, Lenny Stearns, and Ryan Sansing will bring the community together in experiencing the healing power of Sacred Medicine Song, and everyone is invited to join in singing and dancing! Jim Wert and Christel Libiot will bring the heart opening presence of Ceremonial Cacao for all to enjoy, which will create an energy of connection and bliss, bringing everyone deeper into the vibrations of love that we will co-create through our Ceremony.

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Saturday & Sunday, May 21 & 22

Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker

EMYoga is a synthesis of yoga and Energy Medicine. The power of this style of yoga is that it greatly increases the benefits of a regular yoga practice without increasing the time devoted to it. Incorporating simple techniques into an existing practice, or doing these simple techniques on their own, helps to balance the nine energy systems of the body. When in balance, these energy systems help to keep you strong, vital, healthy and focused. They work on your immune system, endocrine system and lymphatic systems especially. Additionally we work with focus on breath for releasing pain and stuck energy as well as learning techniques to change your habit fields, helping to foster the ability to implement new, positive habits for overall health and well being.

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