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What to Expect

Ron uses very thin single-use disposable needles and a gentle yet effective technique. During the initial examination, Ron will take a comprehensive history, ask you questions about your current state of health, do a physical exam, and look at your tongue and pulse to properly diagnose you according to Chinese medicine. You will then receive an acupuncture treatment.

Please allow 80 minutes for your initial session.

Fee: $140.00

After the initial exam and diagnosis, follow-up visits are approximately 60 minutes and the fee is $90. During these visits, Ron will use acupuncture and may use one or more of the following additional modalities:

Diet and Lifestyle Consultation

During this session, Ron provides diet and lifestyle recommendations that are customized to your Chinese medical diagnosis. Everyone is different, so Ron will help you understand which foods will help you get better and which will exacerbate your condition. The fee for this session, which includes acupuncture, is $140.00.

Free Initial Consultation

Those interested in learning how acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can help them are welcome to schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation. During this time, Ron will discuss your condition with you and explain how acupuncture can help you. Please allow 30 minutes.


Ron Elkayam

Ron Elkayam, MSTCM graduated from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California in 2004 where he studied acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Before that, he studied psychology at Haverford College, where he received a B.A. degree.

While still in school studying Chinese Medicine,  Ron studied with Robert Levine,  L.Ac., in Berkeley, where he furthered his understanding of acupuncture, herbal formulas, diagnosis, and pulsetaking. Inspired to take his learning to a new level, he moved to Taiwan in 2005 to learn Mandarin as a way of deepening his studies in Chinese medicine.

Over the course of almost five years, Ron studied Mandarin in universities in Taipei, Shanghai, and Beijing, received advanced Mandarin language certification, and worked in hospitals, where he was able to communicate with doctors and patients in their native language and gain useful clinical experience.

While living in Beijing, Ron interned at Guanganmen Hospital, the largest and most well-known hospital of Chinese Medicine in China, where he interned in acupuncture, pediatrics, dermatology, and psychosomatic medicine.

Ron also interned at Tongren Hospital’s Institute of Traditional Medicine in Beijing, where he studied acupuncture with Dr. Hong Wang, a disciple of Dr. Ju Yi Wang.  In addition, he also saw patients at Dongzhimen Acupuncture Hospital, one of the only hospitals in the world which uses acupuncture as the primary modality to treat patients.

Ron has also studied with private doctors such as Dr. Shengyu Li in Taipei and Dr. Zhenyu Chen in Beijing and served as an English instructor at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Ron has a background in mind-body disciplines and has a 2nd kyu (brown belt) in aikido. He has also studied qigong (Wild Goose style), taiji (Wu, Chen, and Yang styles), and Kripalu yoga. He also believes in the importance of diet and exercise in helping patients reach optimum health and happiness.

In late 2010, Ron finally returned to the U.S. to bring his clinical experience to American patients. Since then, he has deepened his clinical experience, treating hundreds of patients in over 5000 patient visits. He has NCCAOM certification in acupuncture and herbal medicine, in addition to being licensed in Virginia, California, and Rhode Island. Ron is originally from Baltimore, MD.