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Posted on: March 25, 2017 / in: meditation, Yoga

Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga and essential oils are beneficial for your body and mind.   When both of these are combined, you can have a more intense experience.   Different essential oils have a range of healing properties.   When used correctly, they can provide you with a more grounded experience that improves your focus when practicing yoga. […]

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Posted on: March 12, 2015 / in: Yoga

Recognizing the Challenge


Recognizing the Challenge © 2015 Denyse Le Fever Five years ago was my first encounter with East Meets West Yoga Center in Vienna, VA. After experiencing a number of health issues that resulted in decreased mobility, I decided to embark on a two-year in-depth yoga program. At 55, my body longed for the healthy benefits […]

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Posted on: September 4, 2013 / in: Yoga

Ever Wonder About What Your Yoga Teacher Worries About?

Do you ever wonder what your Yoga teacher worries about?  What does she say to her other Yoga teacher friends when they sit over their green tea soy lattes?  What insecurities and worries do they share when in meditation and Yoga workshops and there are no students around?  Well, the answers may (or may not) […]

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Posted on: February 1, 2013 / in: Yoga

Five Keys for Setting Intentions

This time of year is one of gratitude, reflection, and planting the seeds for new intentions or re-affirming our intentions in the new year. The first thing about setting intentions is that you have to really want them to happen. You might be amongst the fortunate whose dreams come true quickly. For most people, however, […]

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